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OpenRuns is a social networking platform that brings hoopers together from around the world for the common purpose of finding places to play and meeting new players in your area. Whether it’s to organize runs, manage your pickup groups, share basketball content, or simply talk hoops - OpenRuns creates a tighter knit, global basketball community!



Introducing the Newsfeed

Now you can use OpenRuns like Twitter to chat and interact with hoopers in your area.

Start a Game, Find a Game

OpenRuns takes the stress out of organizing pickup games and finding places to play.

Create & Join Groups

OpenRuns gives you the tools to easily and effectively manage your weekly pickup groups.


Socialize & Stay Connected

See a cool post? Simply like, comment, or upvote your favorite responses to join the conversation.

Build a Basketball Network

OpenRuns makes it easier than ever to expand your network and meet new players in your area.

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